With a combined experience of 10 years in various fields like carpentry and painting, I am
confident I can provide you with excellent services! Having spent the majority of my professional life in Spain has allowed me to keep up with the latest tools and technologies in these artistry Industries, thus making me an ideal candidate for any carpentry or painting project. I am also well aware of the regulations and safety standards imposed by regulators across Europe, something which makes me uniquely qualified for such projects. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m friendly af!

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    It can be hard to find the right professional to depict your idea. For your convenience, I’ve highlighted some of our most successful projects down below. Browse through them to get a better understanding of what working with us looks like, and what we can accomplish together.
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    My personal brand—I have crafted an edgy yet geeky style that comes alive in all my costumes and props, always embodying the captivating stories of my clients in them. It helps me to pursue creative collaborations that make my work more impactful. With my personal brand I am looking to bring attention to ideas and issues important for setting up the foundations for living a meaningful life. There’s never been a more unique way to show the world who you truly are.


    Amansa Works

    As a freelancer, I provide personalized services to clients who are looking for custom designed products. Whether you are looking for a way to freshen up your photography props, or add a special touch to someone’s gift, I’m here to help. With my professional experience, I am able to cater to all types of requests while providing individualized attention and value-added services.
    My business is not just about completing orders; it is also about creating lasting relationships with my customers that result in quality work and positive experiences.

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    Currently I’m working cooperatively with another artisan. It is a great opportunity to expand both my knowledge and skill set when it comes to producing armor. By combining both of our individual skills in pattern making, material cutting and craftsmanship, we are able to create armor for collections as well as live role playing games that are both intricate and authentic. It also gives me the chance to take part in the exchange of ideas, while pushing us both to strive for perfection in our finished products.

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